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EZLogin - Forgot Password & Email Verify

EZLogin - Forgot Password & Email Verify

It's a secure PHP login and registration system which is ready to be used in your projects. The code is clean and secure. I have also added an email verification system and if you are testing it on a local server, then make sure you have configured your localhost for sending emails using php and if you are testing it on a live server, then there won't be any problem.

I have used Bootstrap v4 to give it a very basic design but you can edit it the way you want.

List of Features:
  • Login & Registration pages
  • Reset Password system
  • Email verification system
  • Secure page for logged in users
  • SHA-256 encryption for Passwords
  • SQL Injection safe
  • Admin/Member roles system
  • Protected files & folders
  • Protected Admin page with verification role of the user
  • List of all users
  • Delete user
  • Automatique or manual installation system
The documentation is inside the archive containing the instructions.



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